About Us

We're still alive! (honest!)

Unfortunately this site isn't being maintained very regularly at the moment. Please do stop by every now and again tho, and maybe one day it'll be updated more frequently :p

The information below however does give you an idea of the kind of things we're working on here at xenrik software, and some of the things you may (eventually) get a look at

We're currently working on our game development library/framework named Sigma. This is a DirectX library used to support development of games in C#

Its still in its early stages, but we've currently got it to the state we're the flow of the framework is defined and you can build (extreemly) basic DirectX applications in it.

In parallel, we're continuing development of our Guardian game, mostly to ensure we get all the features into Sigma that are needed.

Don't expect to see any downloads of these for a while as we're still in the early stages.